Energy efficiency project evaluation & management

Use our experience and expertise to identify and realise opportunities
to reduce your energy usage, demand, emissions and costs.

Energy audits

An energy audit can give you detailed insight into your energy consumption and production. This is an essential first step in identifying potential opportunities for optimising your usage and reducing costs.

e4b offers Level 1, 2 and 3 audits, in compliance with the AS/NZ 3598:2000. The data from these audits can inform your commercial decisions regarding equipment upgrades, embedded generation solutions and other energy efficiency initiatives.

Project evaluation

e4b has extensive expertise in project evaluation and financial modelling across a range of energy efficiency and production solutions. Our people can deal with the complexity of accurately assessing the merits of individual projects and provide concise “apples-with-apples” comparisons of competing projects.

Depending on the nature of your energy load, there are a variety of options that could help your business reduce costs, including power factor correction, energy efficient lighting, HVAC optimisation, solar PV, co-generation/tri-generation and other equipment upgrade and optimisation opportunities.

Project management

e4b personnel have managed the delivery of a broad range of small and large-scale power generation and other heavy-engineering projects. We can manage the scoping and competitive procurement of equipment and services, and act as “owner’s engineer” through the implementation process.

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