About Us

e4b is an independent energy broker and manager. We help businesses and other organisations reduce costs through strategic energy procurement and active management of our customers’ energy supply arrangements. Given the complex and highly specialised nature of the energy market, it is inefficient for most businesses to dedicate internal resources to energy procurement and management. e4b acts as your outsourced energy manager and adviser, helping you to get control of your energy usage and costs. We utilise our expertise across the entire energy value chain to deliver value-adding solutions. Our people have extensive experience in energy retailing, wholesale energy trading and power generation development at some of Australia’s largest power utilities. As an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) Authorised Representative, e4b is also authorised to provide advice to wholesale clients and deal in all derivatives related to the price of electricity on their behalf.

e4b was established out of energy consultancy, Solstice Development Services. Solstice has been providing expert advisory and project development services to energy market participants, industry groups, government agencies and energy users since its inception in 2006.

The directors of e4b have a reputation for high ethical standards. Honesty and transparency are core values of our business.