Energy Procurement

Energy procurement

Our independent and transparent energy buying services deliver highly competitive pricing for our business energy customers. We offer professional competitive tendering for large market sites and multi-site SME portfolios, as well as customised Request for Quotation (RFQ) processes for users with larger and more complex requirements.


Market prices change constantly – businesses that don’t test the market are far more likely to overpay for energy. It is also important to take a strategic approach to energy procurement that considers prevailing market conditions and customer specific attributes. Contract timing and duration are critical to minimising your energy spend.

E4B seeks to get the best deal it can for its customers by employing a strategic, systematic and competitive tender process. We have agreements and protocols in place with energy retailers that allow us to deliver efficient competitive tendering. Retailers are more likely to engage in a tender where the process is well understood and the management overhead is minimal.


E4B is an independent energy broker. We act in the best interest of our customers. Our approach is built on our long-standing reputation as highly experienced and ethical energy industry professionals.

We deal with all licenced retailers in the national energy market that are capable of supplying your load. We don’t play favourites and we don’t receive commissions from energy retailers or any other third parties. Our competitive fees are the same regardless of the selected retailer.


The energy market is complex. Price offers consist of multiple contestable cost components, and are usually littered with industry jargon. To make matters worse, retailers employ different approaches to pricing and quoting individual cost elements, and the terms and conditions attaching to volume variation penalties, price re-openers, cost passthroughs and other contract risks can vary widely.

E4B cuts through the confusion and presents “apples-with-apples” comparisons of all retailer offers.