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Are you spending more than $2,000 per month on energy?

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Business Energy Brokers & Managers

e4b is an independent energy broker and manager. We help businesses and other organisations reduce costs through strategic energy procurement and active management of our customers’ energy supply arrangements.

Our energy buying and management services help you to gain control of your energy costs. We utilise our expertise across the value chain to identify and deliver value-adding solutions for our customers.

As an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) Authorised Representative, e4b is also authorised to provide advice to wholesale clients and deal in all derivatives related to the price of electricity on their behalf.

How we add value for business energy customers

Energy procurement

Retail price offers for large customers are complex, have short validity periods, and are often difficult to interpret and compare. Wholesale energy costs can also vary widely depending upon when you contract and the term of your contract. Businesses that don’t approach the tendering of their energy contracts and the evaluation of offers in a strategic and systematic manner are far more likely to overpay.

For these reasons, more than half of all commercial and industrial customers in Australia now use an energy broker or adviser. Our transparent and independent energy procurement service delivers highly competitive pricing to business energy customers. Utilise our expertise to efficiently manage your energy procurement needs and reduce your costs.

Energy management

Access to timely data and active management of your energy supply arrangements can also add significant value throughout the term of your energy supply contract.

Our reporting tools provide data that can be used to manage your energy demand in real time, identify cost saving opportunities, and evaluate energy efficiency projects and initiatives.

As part of our energy management service, we actively optimise your network connections, tariffs and demand settings to minimise your charges. We also check your retail bills for accuracy against your contract terms and meter data, manage the recoupment of any over-charging, and provide analysis and advice in relation to potential energy efficiency or cost reduction initiatives.

Energy efficiency

e4b has extensive expertise in evaluating a broad range of energy efficiency and power generation solutions. Our people can deal with the complexity of accurately assessing the merits of individual projects and provide concise “apples-with-apples” comparisons of competing alternatives. We also project manage the competitive procurement of equipment and services, and the installation and commissioning of equipment.

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