Energy Management

Energy management

Our energy management service capitalises on opportunities to minimise energy charges throughout the term of your supply contract and delivers powerful data that can be used to further reduce your costs.

Network tariff optimisation

Companies are often found to be paying thousands of dollars more than they have to because they are on the wrong network tariff. E4B provides a regular check of your electricity account to confirm you are on the optimal tariff. We also facilitate and manage the tariff change request on your behalf.

Energy bill validation

Energy invoices regularly contain material errors. Billing of large market sites is particularly complex and prone to error. E4B understands the component charges on your energy account and validates your monthly bills to ensure that you are not being overcharged. We also manage correction of billing errors on your behalf.

Market reports

Tender timing and contract duration are critical to minimising costs. Our understanding of retail and wholesale markets allows us to assist our customers to minimise their contracted rates. We analyse historical trends and current market conditions to provide you with useful data to support active management of your contracting decisions.

Energy reporting

E4B provides a comprehensive and easy to understand suite of reports and charts, detailing your energy consumption, energy demand, power factor, load factor, emissions, and daily consumption/demand profiles. This data is useful for driving behaviour change and for identifying and assessing other energy efficiency or cost reduction opportunities. This information can also be used to help meet your environmental reporting obligations.

Counterparty liaison

E4B manages all interactions with your energy retailer, metering provider, electrical contractors, solar suppliers and other related parties to assist you with the general management of your energy supply arrangements.

Demand monitoring

Many business customers are subject to additional charges for exceeding maximum demand thresholds under their network tariffs. E4B can provide alerts to actively manage the risk of exceeding your thresholds. Where appropriate, E4B can also provide you with access to near real-time reporting of usage and demand.

Management of tariffs & retail contract settings

Many business customers have contractual variables or reporting obligations under their retail supply contracts or network tariffs. Active management of these settings can result in significant cost savings or the avoidance of penalty charges.

Budgeting & forecasting

E4B provides energy spend budgets and forecasts based on your current contracted rates and forward projections of contestable market prices and published regulated network business revenue determinations.

Retail classification changes

Site energy usage and demand can change significantly over time. It is important to consider whether site costs can be reduced by transitioning a site from large to small status, or vice-versa. We periodically analyse our client’s sites to identify these opportunities and manage the resultant network tariff change and the termination of existing and establishment of new retail supply contracts.

Energy efficiency / cost reduction advices

As part of our energy management service we provide general analysis and advices in relation to potential energy efficiency or cost reduction initiatives.