Network Tariffs

Network tariffs

What are Network Tariffs?

Energy invoices for medium to large businesses will usually include a line item for Network Charges. These charges represent the cost of delivering electricity to your site via the transmission and distribution systems (i.e. the “poles and wires”).

Network charges are based on network tariffs which are calculated by your local Network Services Provider (NSP). Network tariffs are regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator.

What is Network Tariff Analysis?

Often businesses are over-charged because they are on the wrong network tariff rate. This may be due to tariffs becoming obsolete, an error in the assignment of the original tariff, or because the energy use characteristics of the site have changed over time.

E4B can analyse your energy consumption and demand and match this data against applicable network tariffs for your site to determine the lowest cost tariff. This can lead to significant savings.

If you are on a demand tariff, E4B can also adjust your contract demand to ensure that you are not paying more than you should.

If a change to your network tariff or contract demand is required, we will prepare the relevant submission and liaise with your NSP to ensure the change is implemented.