Mike Cirino – Managing Director

Mike has more than 20 years of experience in the energy and business advisory sectors. His background in the energy sector includes experience in consulting, corporate finance, business planning & strategy, power generation development and energy retailing.

Mike has previously held senior finance and business development roles for power generator, Tarong Energy (Stanwell Corporation), where he successfully led or played key roles in delivering major project initiatives, including power station developments, asset acquisitions and divestments, development of long-term fuel supply strategy/options, and the evaluation and negotiation of joint ventures and structured energy sales agreements. Prior to entering the energy sector, Mike performed various business advisory and management accounting roles in Australia and the UK.

Dean Willis – Executive Director Operations

Dean has more than 25 years experience in the energy industry working with domestic and international companies. He has held significant operational line management, project management, support service, advisory, development and strategy roles across the energy value chain.

Dean has previously held senior management and wholesale trading positions with Tarong Energy, NRG Asia Pacific, NRG Flinders and ETSA Generation Corporation. He has successfully led the negotiation of high-value wholesale electricity sector contracts and long-term off-take contracts underwriting existing asset portfolios and new power projects. Dean is also experienced in the development of energy trading, hedging and risk management strategies, and the establishment and management of associated functions, teams and systems.

Peter Dalton – Executive Director Corporate Development

Peter is an accomplished senior business leader with more than 30 years experience in the energy sector. His experience includes senior project and business development roles for Tarong Energy (Stanwell Corporation) and Energy Developments Limited (EDL).

Peter has successfully led and managed project development teams responsible for the delivery of numerous power generation projects in Asia, Australia and Europe, including: large-scale wind farms; open and combined cycle gas turbines; landfill gas projects; and coal mine methane projects. He was also responsible for the establishment and development of EDL’s European business, comprising a significant portfolio of renewable generation projects.